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Added 12 years ago

Vincent character for The Freak4 model available at DAZ3D.COM. This is my first character, and thus, it's very special to me. I hope you enjoy using … more »

Format: Daz Studio *.daz *.ds *.dsb, Poser (.pz2), Poser Figure (.cr2 .crz)
Categories: Characters, Hair, Male, Morphs, Textures
Usage Rights: Non-commercial use only
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kainjy2 (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
Amazing Work !!
Can I remake it for G8M ? I'd want to convert to a morph for new Genesis 8 and improve the texture.
randym77 (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
This is amazing. Thank you!
sesphene (3 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you!!!
sesphene (3 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you very much! Great character!!!
Sidhe Rose (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you! He looks great!
Gisela (5 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you for been so generous. This is great.
Kiwi-Hawk (5 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you very much
manekineko (6 years ago)Inappropriate?
thanks a lot! this character is so awesomely made, such a care for detail, and a huge load of items too! i'm in awe :)
Gilraen (7 years ago)Inappropriate?
Hi. Whatever became of the posing pouch? Did you release it and perhaps I haven't seen it, as I was looking here for word of it?
Thanks so much for the Vincent character! Love him!
KnochenKater (7 years ago)Inappropriate?
Wow!! Amazing! Thank you so much for share!
WillShetterly (7 years ago)Inappropriate?
Tramp_Graphics, at his web site, Soto says:

"It is marked as "non-commercial" only, and the readme mention this too, but I did not explained myself right. I meant non-commercial for works including the image of Vincent or any other copyrighted character. Just the same as you would behave with any other product sold at or more …
Tramp_Graphics (7 years ago)Inappropriate?
Obviously, given that Vincent, as a character, is a copyrighted character, renders of him can't be used commercially, How about just the HAIR on other characters? That hair style is not unique to Vincent.
vycanthus (8 years ago)Inappropriate?
What clothing is everyone using? I'm having problems finding high enough quality clothing to do Vincent justice! What a testament to talent, patience and dedication...thank you so much Hellboy!
SweXer (8 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you_Hellboy_
Gisela (9 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you!
taewang (9 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you for this.
taewang (9 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you for this.
japintx (9 years ago)Inappropriate?
I downloaded a while back, and still to date it is by far my all time favorite. This is a must download. For those of you unsure, you will not regret. Thanks!
savanna (9 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you :)
Hellboy (10 years ago)Inappropriate?
I just received another mail asking for the posing pouch, so, I thought it would be nice to fix it a little and release it in the next days (probably the weekend). I'm doing some minor changes to it, ut hopefully you'll get better quality. I'll install Michael 4 again and start trying to model against its shape as it should have been since the beggining. Unfortunately, working more …
Hellboy (10 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thanks for the kind words everyone! So many people has asked for the posing pouch so much I will definitelly make it available, hopefully during the next weeks.
That was its purpose since the beggining, but I was very inexperienced when I did it. I modeled it against the Freak 4 shape, making it unusable on other characters. I will reshape it to Michael 4 and add the required morphs instead. That more …
Jaike (10 years ago)Inappropriate?
This is by far one of my favorite characters to use. Thank you so much for providing a complete package.

I only have one request. I agree with Wertu, I too would like to have the 'posing pouch' to use with Vincent.
TheOwl68 (10 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you so much for sharing this amazing character package, very generous of you =) your work is outstanding!
orachel (10 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thanks so much! My friend Marie and I are both huge fans of the character, and she found this morph and just had to tell me about it... really fabulous. And somehow you've managed to do the perfect stringy wavy hair without the 1993 crazy crimping iron effect that most 3d wavy hair has... Kudos, and thanks SO much for the hair fits! Will definitely come in handy! Thanks!!!
Hellboy (10 years ago)Inappropriate?
I want to make it available, but as it was for personal use, it has some issues that should be fixed before that.
Thanks! :)
wertu (10 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you so much! Also, I would be deeply appreciative if you share "posing pouch" he is wearing. Is such a thing available anywhere?
FireFoxx (10 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thanx looks awsome :)
luckyred (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Your generosity is commendable. Thank you, your excellent work is very appreciated.
JeanneM (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you so much! I didn't realize he was free!! Of course I saw his picture already long before now. I was a big fan of the series back then.
Just now I read on the DAZforum about him being free.So I rushed over here to get him. Thank you again!
Love, Jeanne
Hellboy (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you for te nice words!
It makes me really happy!
Hope you have fun playing with him!

NV Oracle (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
I saw your pictures in the Gallery on DAZ's website, and recognized him instantly. I was floored when I saw in the Forum that you had made him, and as a Freebie!! I came right over to get him. Thanks so much for keeping him a freebie, too!! I was a fan of the show when it was on in the 80's (yes, I'm old enough to be able to remember when the show was on. LOL), so I'll be more …
Hellboy (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Not that's he's wearing that much. LOL!
I did what he's wearing. I plan to give it away, but I need to fix some minor stuff first. :)
davidmaxx (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
thnx a bunch wondering if ya gots any of the clothing shown on your promo pic of vincent?
GrouchoCaesar (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you very much for this stunning work of art.
spm91g (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you very much =)
Elgyfu (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
A huge thankyou, he is wonderful!
Lady Bree (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
He looks absolutely amazing, Hellboy. Thank you so much for sharing him.
AUMaize Designs (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
We've never worked with Freak or Freak 4, but this may be the first time we do. Excellent work on him. Looks just like him.
thepig91 (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
thank you very much! It's a BIG work!!
Mig (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Very generous of you to share this wonderful creation. Thank you.
Kesha2009 (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thanks!!! My daughter LOVES this guy!! :D
networthy (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Absolutely spectacular - thank you for your generosity!
Hellboy (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you all for the nice comments! Please, have fun with the character!
Thanks! :D
alexlloyd54 (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you .... Excellent work
azrielarn (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
This is one hell of package. I'm using a modified version of the texture in my current project and I love IT! ThanX Hellboy for creating and sharing Morph pac!
Kimberly Stevens (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Wow he is spectacular! Thanks!
Kimberly Stevens (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Wow he is spectacular! Thanks!
Kimberly Stevens (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Wow he is spectacular! Thanks!
Kimberly Stevens (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Wow he is spectacular! Thanks!
Kimberly Stevens (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Wow he is spectacular! Thanks!
Kimberly Stevens (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Wow he is spectacular! Thanks!
Kimberly Stevens (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Wow he is spectacular! Thanks!
Kimberly Stevens (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Wow he is spectacular! Thanks!
Kimberly Stevens (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Wow he is spectacular! Thanks!
Kimberly Stevens (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Wow he is spectacular! Thanks!
HeatherT (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
This is a truly wonderful character and given so generously. Thank you sooo much!
Kaytee (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
One of my favourite characters. Wonderful work.
templarlover (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
thank you!
Saruna (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you so much for your wonderful work! What a great character - it is just in my runtime and I did first renders with Poser 8. The conforming Hair I love too, but the fixes don't work in Poser 8. So I made my own fix manually. ;)
I am so happy that you share your Vincent with us - thank you again! :)
Wonderli (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you so much.
williamrippey (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
next to the horde, this is the greatest. pefectly done, i think this beats the horde. thank you for being so generous.
williamrippey (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
next to the horde, this is the greatest. pefectly done, i think this beats the horde. thank you for being so generous.
Szark (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
It truely amazes me how generous some people still are in this day and age. Thank you so much for sharing the great character, I am realy impressed with your work. As others have siad on the Daz forums I would paid for this product. For me that is saying something as I am tight as a camel's whatsit in a sand storm. LOL
Tugpsx (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
This is so generous, Thanks
dotdotdash2 (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
For those of you who don't know or aren't old enough to remember, this character is actually based on the Vincent character from the 1980's TV series "Beauty and the Beast", and was played by Ron Perlman. No surprise the creator of this Poser character goes by the screenname Hellboy, another character played by Ron Perlman lol. Nice work. See the wiki link for a pic of more …
dreamdesigner (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
I don't know? What can I say???Unbelievebly High quality, Amazinggly perfect Character!! Incredible hardwork!!Hellboy,You're an Amazingly talented,very generous artist,Thank you very very much for this Wonderful sharing!!:-)))
Ariana Baer (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Hey there!
I knew I would see something like this from you one day!!!
Big HugZ!
WalkerofShadows (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Beautiful work, thank you for sharing :) I look forward to seeing what else you come out with!
retrodevil (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Awesome character and possibly the best value freebie on this site :D
eclecticitys (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Amazing work, thanks
Auset (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thanks for such an awesome gift!
dbeez13 (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
this is soooo awesome thank you so much!!!
JessikaRabbitt (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Wow! It looks JUST like him! I was a fan back in the day & I love Ron P. This is awesome! Thank you for sharing this!
Rendersapien (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you so much for sharing this incredible model! You are so generous to give this model (which obviously took a tremendous amount of work) away for free.
nonotoy (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
He certainly is a beauty. Thanks for your generosity!
Hellboy (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thanks a bunch ppl!
Hope you have fun playing with him!

He kinda works out of the box in LuxRender, but I plan to create ACSEL Shaders for Reality as soon as I have the chance (which I fear wont be soon. LOL!!)

The shader settings would be the ones showing in these promo renders. Or maybe just slightly different. Dont remember. But they are the ones I'm using right now.

Hope they are more …
Seerose (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thanks a lot!
Misty (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you very much. This is superb :)
Elfmaid (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
OH my goodness he is GORGEOUS! THANK YOU!!!!
SmileyWitchFaerie (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Awesome, brillant work! Truly amazing likeness of the character and so complete. Thank you for your generosity. What's more amazing than your character is all the work you put into it and then give it away.
Wiccan (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
What an amazing, complete, and who can believe it FREE character. I am also a fan of the series.

I can't wait to get this into a reality render.

Thank you very much!!! %u2665
ritter_markus (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Absolutely incredible that this is for free!!! i have seen th9is on renderosity!! Amazing, very amazing!
DarkeWolf (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Absolutely incredible. Downloading right now, he looks amazing. Thanks so very much for sharing him with the community!
kdraper (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you so much, funny was just talking about watching this series the other day..this is so cool!!
12rounds (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Respect. Extremely generous!
ladyelf (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
thank you soooo much :)

Well done !!!!
Hellboy (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you all!! Please, have fun with him! :)

Remember he works on M4 too. The only use for F4 in this product is the body shape, but you can use your own morphs on M4. Head morph does NOT require F4.
So don't worry if you dont have The Freak 4! :D
Rose2000 (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
This is awesome ... now I've gotta download the Thank you :)
boso123 (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Fantastic work!!!Many thanks.
Adrella (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
An amazing freebie! Thank you so much for being so generous with your talent. :)
Porthos (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Awesome.....thanks so much!
JBL (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank You I found my long lost twin brother
Loving it!
Irishmiss (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Utterly fabulous!! Many thanks.

jartz (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you ever so much, SOTO for giving us such a unique character. I can't wait to check it out. Such great talent here -- keep up the good work.
witchdidi (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you!!!
Mirabilis (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Fantastic character, thanks!!!
MtnMist (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you so much for sharing your talent and creation.
Freda (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
wow, stunning! Thanks so much for this wonderful character
structure (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
excellent work, - reminds me of Joshua from dark angel. Very awesome
sidneypoitier (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Absoluelty fantastic, thanks.
DoValle (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Superb! Thank you so much and congrats for the dedication!
Hellboy (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you all! I'm glad you are liking him!
Have fun!! :D
TinyAngel (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Amazing work, really! Thank you so much for sharing your talent!
MarciaGomes (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
MarciaGomes (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
J R Rogers (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
great work thanks
RainbowGypsy (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Wow, he is absolutely amazing! You just made my day. I can't wait to try and create images with him. Thank you so much!!
maki82 (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
This is the most amazing package you could ever get for free!!!
Thanks so much for making this. My childhood is back!
Moonlight (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
for free ?? WOW Thank you very much !!!
Maddjeeper (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Great Job, love the character.
romulus71 (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Wow! Great work!
Hellboy (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thanks all! :D
Hey Paul, someone already used him on a female character.
Check page 9 of this thread for it:

Its a really cool image.
NinjaG33k (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Beautifully done! I'm especially pleased with the multiple hair fits.
Paul Telesco (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
First character? OK, if you can see your way to doing a V4 version so we can make a race of cat people... ;)
legolie (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Exceptional ! Amazing character and hair ! Thanks a lot !
Amaranth (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you very much, can't wait to render !
missblue63 (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
He looks fantastic ! Thank you so much for sharing him =)
julesart (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Exceptional creation! Indeed this is magnificent! I am in awe! Thank you for sharing this creation!
KristinF (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Astonishing creation and sooo generous. HB you are a sweetheart!
helslice (11 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you very much for your kindness. This is a great looking character. Hope to see more of your work and by the looks of Vincent, we will be in for a treat!!!!
Hellboy (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thanks all! ^_^
Have fun with him!!

Tomokatu, thanks a lot for leting me know! I just signed yesterday!
Nice site!
Teri Perkins (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
Terrific work. I loved that show and am thrilled that I can now have my very own Vincent. Thank you so much.
hal001 (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
thank you very much for this caracter. It gonna be very usefull for my next render.
Beauty & Sensuality (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
wOw! What a STUNNING creation! Such detailed skin and even a hairprop! *deep bow* for this fantatic product!!
Tomokatu (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
Your Vincent character has made a great hit at Several renders and portraits have already been made and publshed.

You'll need to register to login and view them but you'll be very welcome!
ToniDunlap (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
What a generous person you are to share your fabulous work. It is a masterpiece if there EVER was one. Thank you most kindly!!!!
timberoo (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
awesome work!
mstene (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
wooooow! Beautifully done & unbelievably generous of you.
thank you very very much!
MKeyes (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
Free? That's what blows me away, free! Wow, I think you could have really made some money from this guy, but I must admit, I'm happy to get him for free! Incredible work of art and beauty!
TheKatster (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
I is so generous of you to share this amazing character with us for free no less. I can't wait to install him and use him.
renecyberdoc (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
this nis most excellent i saw him yesterday first time and now i had to get him.thanks for the generosity huge pack it is.
tsuki (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
Fantastic work!
Thank you!
Romancefantasy (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
Wow, thank you so much. He is beautiful.
Andrew_C (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
Simply amazing!
NubaX (12 years ago)Inappropriate?


France (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
You did a GREAT job on this! Thank you!
diamond (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
What can I say that hasn't already been said? This is really, really wonderful!! Thank you so much.
size8 (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you so much this is absolutely amazing !!
catlinadances (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
UUUH~! There are not enough stars for this one.. He is fabulous, gorgeous, fantastic!!!! THAnkyou!!!
pixlgirl (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
thanks so much for this !!...downloaded it today..everything works perfectly. this is also perfect timing as it will be just perfect for one of my next projects...will post back with the results..thanks again !
Ukuotus (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
Omg, he looks absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for making him available.
Flamewing (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
Absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for such a fantastic character.
Jeremy Miller (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
Stunning work. Thanks!
Yakchat (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
You truly created a FANTASTIC CHARACTER!!!! I just saw the first piece of art created with him and it was AWESOME!!! I had to come and download him...thank you thank you so much..this was one of my FAVORITE SHOWS!!! I have all sorts of ideas going through my head on how to use him..thank you so much again, Carol :-)
Lord Crios (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
It's amazing, thank you very much.
Suucat (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
Just awesome, one of my all time favorite shows, thank you so much for making this ^^
1gecko (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
Awesome! thank you very much!
charly (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
Fantastic work. Thankyou so much for sharing.
amarok3d (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
Wow! amazing character. Thanks a lot
Terril (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you so much!
Hellboy (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you very much for the nice comments ppl!
Im so happy you are liking him, and so exited to see your creations with him already!!
You're really nice!
Desert Rat (US) (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
Fantastic, thank you!!!
silverdolphin (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
Danka,Muchas Gracias,Domo Arigato,Thank you Very Much!
Andy (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
This guy will be FUN!!!!!
Thanks so very much!
DAGrant (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
Simply astounding! He is beautiful, thank you, thank you for such a well made character.
kolfur (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
Wow, thanks a lot!!!
sissy (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
Wowwwww thank you very much
Marco (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
Great professional work. Thank you.
eirikaw (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
Awesome! Thank you very much. :)
Grandma Paula (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
OMG, my mom was in love with this guy.LOL. She thought Ron Pearlman as the beast was so handsome. I wish she were still alive. I would make a fine render with your Vincent, for her to have. Thanks for this awesome freebie. I hope you do more.
Badkitty (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
You're such a great artist. This is awesome! So amazing details. Keep the good work and thanks a lot for sharing it...
El Lee (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
I usually don't bother with characters, but he looks amazing and i was so in love with this show when it was one. Thank you very much!
Wayii (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
Fabulous. Thank you so much. :D
FrozenWastes (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
Wow, really amazing. All we need now is Wertz to give us a Linda Hamilton face :)

Thank you.
AZTECMARCO (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
Amazing Character, thank you so much :)
Goldenthrush (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
Incredible. Just incredible. Thank you!
Tomokatu (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
TheFatGuy (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
Cool, a brilliant gift, thank you so much!
Ronwald (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
This is fantastic! Incredible work. And it renders like a dream. Thank you so much for this character package.
Anita Lee (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
Wow!!!!!!! Thank you
Sleepydragon (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
wow, he looks awesome, thank you!
paperbag (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
Awesome! thank you!
PilotHigh (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
OMG he's amazing. Thank you!
Vivianne (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you so very much for this!! I was and still am a GIGANTIC fan of the show and knew, of course, who he was the moment I saw him. He looks JUST like Vincent and I cannot WAIT to get him rendered!! :D
LadyRaine (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
What can i say what haven't said before?
WOW WOW and WOW again, he is stunning.
He renders like a dream, this character is the best one can get.
Here is a Studio render :-)
Couldn't resist to render at once after downloading.
Thanks a thousand times
RAMWolff - RAMWorks (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
WOW... a free furry critter man... thanks so much! HUGS
KrazyHorse (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
WOW! Amazing work. Thank you.
CurtieBear (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
Simply amazing character.. Many, many thanks. :o)
NanetteTredoux (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
An amazing work of art. Thank you.
Kalypso (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
Wow! Stellar work on this character. I remember the series and Perlman was the reason I watched it! Thank you so much. Your excellence is only surpassed by your generosity!
lemonade8 (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
The only things I can think to say are 'Wow!' and "Thanks!" because this looks amazing!! Am kind of blown away. You are going to make me dust off Freak!
Avari (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
This looks amazing! Thank you very much!
perlk (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
Absolutely amazing. He is incredible, and I can't believe this is free. Thank you!
Braynes (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
inquire02 (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
I haven't tried this yet; just downloaded it. But, it looks fantastic. It's almost unbelievable that this could be for free. Thank you so much for all your efforts and your great generosity. You've made my day!
Elianeck (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
really love that!
I need try in Carraa!!!!
tks a lot!
LadyOfTheCrossroads (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
Amazing, now, a Linda Hamilton morph and we are away to the races.

He is simply stunning, I remember sneaking out of bed to watch it as a kid. Now, just need to clear my backlog of unfinished renders so I can so I can play with him
salem005 (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
This is amazing!!!!!!!!!Can't wait to give him a try! Thank you for your incredible generous gift!!!
mac2010 (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
you will go far my friend, excellent work, cheers
sunforspain (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
muchas gracias
heavenlee (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
Absolutely amazing!Identical to the TV character!He is one of my fav's!Thank u so much n such fantastic quality! xxxxxxxxxxx
Ariah81 (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
It's wonderful, such a great tribute to one of the best TV series ever! I can't wait to render him!
Thorneldrich (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
Absolutely gorgeous! such quality! Thank you so much for this wonderful addition!
CS (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
The best for many years. Incredibly real texture. 5 star already for the renderings.
Threshie (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
W00t, as a fan of the Beauty and the Beast series, I can say from experience that this looks just like Vincent -- fantastic job! Thanks for sharing him. :D
Teri (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
I always loved this character and thank you so much for sharing this, it looks to be an amazing piece of work, am off to install and render him up. :)
Hellboy (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thanks ppl! I'm glad you like him!! ^___^

EugyptuS, you're the first one mentioning rendering with him already. I'm very exited about that!
Thank you very much for the nice comments!:D

Have fun! ^__^
SergeantJack (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
What a stunning product. Thank you so much for sharing.
EugyptuS (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
This is Amazing.....renders Beautifully!
You can see how much time and effort was put into this, a wonderful tribute to one of my fave shows...Thanks again!!! :o)
sickenlysweete (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
absolutely fantastic!!
Celebi (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
thank you very very much
druc1 (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
this is truely awesome. thank you.
Reelyor (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
Absolutely Awesome! Thank you so much for your time and generosity!!!
Hellboy (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you, very, very, much for your comment, JoeBWan! ^_^

I have seen so many recognizable characters go on sale with just changing their name, that, to be honest, for a moment, a little greedy part of me battled with the idea of selling him with a different name. But even if that weren't naughty enough, this was born to be free for all and specially for new users who may not have much to more …
Joe-B-Wan (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
WOW! With all the effort and talent you've put into this, it's a shame that you couldn't sell it. Good on you though, and I hope you're encouraged to continue and maybe create some stuff you can make a profit from too. Fantastic!
Hellboy (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you both!
I hope you like him! ^__^
alphalioness, There is a download link now, just under the image. Maybe the images showed first while the file was being loaded? O__o
In any case, download link is there now! :D
Just in case, here is a mirror:

Enjoy! ^__^
Alphalioness (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
Only thing "Dowload" is missing :D
Alphalioness (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you soooo much. I have always loved this show and this is an awesome set you've made!
Crudelitas (12 years ago)Inappropriate?
That´s so amazing!
Thank you for this wonderful gift!

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