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Added 5 years ago

Simple script that converts daz3D poses files from a model to another.
Supported models are currently G1, G2, G3, G8.

unzip archive file wherever you want …

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Format: Other
Categories: Utility/External
Usage Rights: Non-commercial use only
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Raters : 60
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Downloaded: 4,796

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mding3D (6 weeks ago)Inappropriate?
Thankyou so much, very impressive!!!
lburti (9 weeks ago)Inappropriate?
Sorry for the messge. I found the instructions.
lburti (9 weeks ago)Inappropriate?
So many comments, no hint as to how to use it!
A) Do you apply a pose native for G8 to a G3-->awkward pose. The run the script and pose of figure gets fine OR
B) enter the folder of poses for G8, run the script to obtain NEW set of poses that work for G3?
This is a basic question!!
lburti (9 weeks ago)Inappropriate?
So mano comments, no hint as to how to use it!
A) Do you apply a pose native for G8 to a G3-->awkward pose. The run the script and pose of figure gets fine OR
B) enter the folder of poses for G8, run the script to obtain NEW set of poses that work for G3?
This is a basic question!!
Jan Freeman (7 months ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you a million times!!!

I almost want to cry. This is a game changer!!!
op1344 (8 months ago)Inappropriate?
Wow!Thank You!!!
Beauty & Sensuality (8 months ago)Inappropriate?
A super-fast batch converter to do ALL the converting I needed for SO long!

Where is your Donate button?? I really want to give a small donation for if I don't, I feel like I am robbing you!
Oblomov56 (11 months ago)Inappropriate?
This is a great utility many thanks. Some file sets don't seem to want to convert and some put up weird results but there are many more successes than failures. Great work thanks
Bee (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
Like you've given me new hope on posing a new father and his newborn daughter together, using G8M-F poses on G1. THANK YOU
matthewjs33 (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
Wow. This is incredible. So easy to use and straight forward. Daz should be paying you as should we all for using this.
Stringy (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
A little gem of a script. Thanks
banditcameraman (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you very much! This script is amazing: was able to convert poses from G8 to G2; the issue with the hands was easily remedied with Ultimate Zero. Downloaded and rated with much thanks and gratitude.
thelufias (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you very much
Johnny (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
i just discovered this - my god , what a great script. xoxoox
bu_es (1 year ago)Inappropriate?
I don't get the button to convert it if it lets me choose the folder of the poses to convert but I don't see a button to convert it
Edheldil (2 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you!
Converted some base poses from G8 to G2/G1. Works fine.
guru20 (2 years ago)Inappropriate?
Didn't seem to work... all it did was go from the current T-pose to the old-school zero pose. (Was trying to convert G8 poses to G2)
clectable (2 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you Sir!!
Excellent script, I appreciate you providing it.
Banshee (2 years ago)Inappropriate?
Quit usefull, but it doesn't handle old .dsa files (G1 e.g.), right?
Is there a quick way to convert a bunch of .dsa to .duf, without saving every single pose manually?
goupil (2 years ago)Inappropriate?
Very good thanks
BrendaMundo (2 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thanks for sharing
Mr Poster (2 years ago)Inappropriate?
im still loving it.
loki (2 years ago)Inappropriate?
it is great¡¡¡ thanks
project_4 (2 years ago)Inappropriate?
UM.. CAn you add a tutorial or a step by step on how to use this? downloaded it and... i dont know what do to with the files since they are not really daz "assets"
Dracken Darck (2 years ago)Inappropriate?
Awesome! thanks :)
Used to convert this:
To G8 :3 Now we can let the pants go down ;)
AUTODOLOR (2 years ago)Inappropriate?
Is it possible to implement animated poses? I've looked at the code, and there is some mention of "animation", so I think the closest thing would be to loop all the frames. Unfortunately -or luck ..-, now I need to work in Python3, and with the modules "modernize" or "futurize" it doesn't work .. I have no choice but to use my other computer with linux more …
Fixmypcmike (2 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thanks so much for this. I've converted thousands of poses to G1 from later figures, and it works wonderfully. I noticed that (at least for G8 to G1) it doesn't carry over translations/rotations on the figure root as opposed to the hip, even with "force zero position" unchecked. Is that how it's supposed to work?
felber (2 years ago)Inappropriate?
Hi. Thanks for sharing this.

Strangeley though it doesn't work for me.

I tried converting a whole lot of G2 Poses to G8 using the Windows-Exe. It converts them in a heartbeat. Thumbnails and files are all where they're supposed to be saved. But when trying to load the converted poses on a g8 figure later, nothing happens. G8 just keeps standing there in a zeroed stance...

I more …
AlienPiglet (2 years ago)Inappropriate?
This saved me hours! You're great! Thank you! (used to convert G3 to G8 poses)
stef3d (2 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you very much for the python source version, I can use it on my Mac with the Python laucher.
SevenTouch (2 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you very much. First try with a few poses (G2 => G8) worked fine :-)
LadyNightVamp (3 years ago)Inappropriate?
Fantastic! Thank you!
Sage (3 years ago)Inappropriate?
This is a friggin' godsend; I literally was just looking for something like this as I haven't "upgraded" to Gen8. As expected, it's gonna take a little bit of work for everything to look right, but as it stands, this is nigh perfect.
bambooji (3 years ago)Inappropriate?
Sir .... you are a genius! Thank you for this super converter! ;)
MCphylyss (3 years ago)Inappropriate?
@Mr Poster: thank you and Trust me, I thought about that and tried to deliver a handy solution, but that's not always simple^^ In my case, I have a global poses folder in my Daz lib where I put the converter,So I never loose it :)

On the other side, I'm proud to anounce you that I almost finished a new program that I'd like to sale within 6 months, wich manages positions / more …
Mr Poster (3 years ago)Inappropriate?
My problem is i can never find it when i want to use it.

I always "forget" that its a standalone, so its not inside my content, and therefore i can never find it.


So I always come back here to find it, but sometimes I can spend an hour trying to find it.

I forget what its called, so i search for scripts and always looking for red and blue people because more …
MCphylyss (3 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thanks for the quick reply!
Glad to know that formating files through Daz works.

So the problem comes from the pose set that probably uses a syntax I didn't know at first.

If you could PM me a Polish file, I'll be able to fix that in a few days! (I'm working on several other projects at the same time, so I'll do it when I'll have time...)

Thanks again!
200112 (3 years ago)Inappropriate?
The conversion only produces a 1 KB file.

> Daz, saving it as a pose preset, then convert that pose preset file.

I was able to convert it this way.
MCphylyss (3 years ago)Inappropriate?
PS : If a set doesnt work, it should be possible to load the pose on the original figure through Daz, saving it as a pose preset, then convert that pose preset file.

Not very handy, but it should do the trick in a first time...
MCphylyss (3 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thanks everyone for feedbacks!
@everybody : several people had problems with the script. I could fix that, but PLEASE, be more specific :
- "It doesn't work"... but what happenned exactly?
- Are you using windows exe / source code version?
- Can you make it work with other poses?
- Are you installing Daz datas manually, with Daz content MGR, or directly through Daz more …
200112 (3 years ago)Inappropriate?

Unable to convert successfully.
Other Polish poses also failed.
MisterX (3 years ago)Inappropriate?
Wow! Thank you for sharing this.
bombkat346 (3 years ago)Inappropriate?
thank you so much.
hrx (3 years ago)Inappropriate?
Merci beaucoup.
goodwinds (3 years ago)Inappropriate?
Tested from G8 to G3 works OK!!
Many thanks for sharing this script!!
queenofcrows (3 years ago)Inappropriate?
I'm having trouble getting this to work right. It "converts" poses quickly, but unfortunately when I then load the poses onto a character in DS, they almost all just shift the character to the T-pose. If the character is otherwise posed, they do nothing. Any help would be welcome, the commercial version of this product has issues with the exact same sets of poses (particularly more …
kozya-bodya (3 years ago)Inappropriate?
Amazing!!! Many thanks to the script author!
Servant Rules! (3 years ago)Inappropriate?
Outstanding. This is great for folks like me who prefer using the older Genesis figures, but have a ton of poses we'd like to use from the newer generations.
newoski (3 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thanks so much, this is working perfectly for body poses! It doesn't seem to transfer expression poses for the face, however. I'm unclear if it's supposed to. If someone could clarify that, or if there is a way to transfer expressions, I'd appreciate if anyone could answer
BlindOwl (3 years ago)Inappropriate?
This is a Godsend! I can't thank you enough. :-)
DaFaceLess (3 years ago)Inappropriate?
Sorry, it doesn't do anything after selecting the source folder.
Liliabell (3 years ago)Inappropriate?
It works perfectly! Thank you so much! :)
silvioarturi (3 years ago)Inappropriate?
Amazing utility, thank you so much.
It is working very well on all poses I tested so far
spearcarrier (3 years ago)Inappropriate?
Well darn. I opened it. I even got to pick a folder. It did literally nothing else.
Rootkat (3 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank a lot !
Gerl (3 years ago)Inappropriate?
Merci. Vraiment fantastique, et gratuit par votre générosité.
ab0 (3 years ago)Inappropriate?
Should this work with animations? When I tried, only the first frame appears to be converted and sent to the output location.
JOSFBI (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
Buen aporte gracias
manekineko (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
pure awesomeness! thank you so much for this (not so) little jewel! works perfectly, i can finally use GM 1-8 with old special pose sets like from jepe's sheetz or sav's hot men outfit (works with M4 too taking G1). without exact-ish poses, the gear/objects are quite useless.. *happy* :D
manikus (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
What an absolutely great script. Thank you very much for sharing.
afwfan (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
I am not worthy to be in the presence of this much awesomeness!!!!
Mr Poster (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
So this is a free tool. Totally amazing script you have made. I just can not believe its free.
Thanks you man, you rock
Elektrokoch (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thanks a lot for this!
wollemal (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thanks again! The program works great.
wollemal (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank You so much!
Will (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
This is amazing! Many thanks
keeker (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
thanks a lot
MrDuck (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thanks for the info about g1 being close to V4 skeleton I guess never knew that? This works great, only a few slight adjustments thank you very much
MCphylyss (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
@123sheep123: thanks for the feedback. I'll take a look at it as soon as I can. Don't know anything about Poser, but are files using the same format as Daz (.duf)? If that's the case, could you send me one?
123sheep123 (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
It also can't read V4 poses from poser.
123sheep123 (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
I've noticed a bug. Whenever there is an error it doesn't convert further. Sometimes it says in the log file that a filename is too long and then it stops at 10 poses instead of 100 for example.
hrzlpk2010 (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you so much indeed. This really worth a commerical produce.
fcabanski (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
Tried to convert

The folder remains blank - no files converted - after supposed conversion.
marianner (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you very much!
123sheep123 (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
This is amazing. You could have sold this for a lot of money...

If you make a V4 to any figure too it would be perfect and the best there, even though you say G1 and V4 are almost the same.
MCphylyss (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
@MrDuck: No theres's no V4 converter. However, V4/G1 skeleton are not so different. So you can use G1 converter instead. For example, if you want V4 to G8 conversion, just use "G1 to G8" instead. You'll have to fix some bones then, but 90% of the pose will be respected.
MrDuck (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
Crap sorry for multiple posts
MrDuck (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
Any way to convert any G1,G2,G3,G8 poses to V4
MrDuck (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
Any way to convert any G1,G2,G3,G8 poses to V4
MrDuck (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
Any way to convert any G1,G2,G3,G8 poses to V4
MrDuck (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
Any way to convert any G1,G2,G3,G8 poses to V4
MCphylyss (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
Once again, thanks everyone for feedbacks!
SquarePeg3D (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
Works harder, better, faster, and stronger than the commercial product available. The UI is child-simple, and in just a couple clicks and a few minutes I had all 6,000 of my G2F poses converted to G8F almost flawlessly.

Frankly, this product should be SOLD.
johngate (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you very much!
Works like a charm. A no nonsense straight to the point prog. Does exactly what most people want for a pose converter.
MCphylyss (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
@EmotionalDreams : Sorry, I don't understand your question. Are you asking about how to create a custom map?
If that's what you meant, I'll send you a doc as soon as as I can.
EmotionalDreams (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
very useful. but how do you get the map part to work?
Leonides02 (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
This is an AMAZING tool. It works 2000% better than the stuff I paid for. Thank you!
tharrick (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
Bloody hell that's impressive. My hat is off to you :D
telaforma (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
Very nice program!
Thanks very much :)
MCphylyss (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thanks everyone for all those positive feedbacks! things like "you probably should be selling this" are a real pleasure to read^^
PiddlyD (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
Yeah, you probably should be selling this. I've got at least 4 or 5 different pose converting scripts I paid for... and this is better than all of them.
PiddlyD (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
I can't figure out why there is no G1 to anything conversion either, Scoopey.

Going to give this a try.
scoopey (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
Unbelievable good for a freebie!
I had the "commercial" scripts. Could never figure out why they did a V4 to G1, V4 to G2, G2 to G3, G3 to G8.
That's no good if you have a G1 pose you need converting!
I did use a "pose builder" script that's supposed to work but it did a far worse job that this!
At last I have the means to multiconvert - thanks again!!!
zentrino (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you!
Ivy (4 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you very much this is just what I needed :)
emay68 (5 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you.
JustThisGuy (5 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you. This is a wonderful tool.
MCphylyss (5 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thank you, I have to say that I was hoping for you to test it^^
Divamakeup (5 years ago)Inappropriate?
Wow! This works REALLY well! Awesome work! Thank you so much! :D
MCphylyss (5 years ago)Inappropriate?
Thanks for the feedback, at least I know it works on another PC that mine^^
missuskisses (5 years ago)Inappropriate?
So far, so awesome! Thank you SO much for this!!
MCphylyss (5 years ago)Inappropriate?
PS : Don't know anything about licenses. I just don't want that someone sells the script itself, but if that's up tom me, you can of course do whatever you want with your converted poses...

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